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The Terrible Story of M, Psychologist and Activist from Gaza City


M. è psicologo ed attivista umanitario di Gaza City, ha aiutato nelle cure i bambini stressati dalle bombe; costretto a fuggire prima in Turchia, poi in Grecia, adesso si trova in Svezia. Le bombe, il tormento, le prigioni, i viaggi della morte, razzismo, persecuzioni, percosse, malattie e tentativi di suicidio collettivo. M. ci chiede di aiutarlo raccontando la sua storia.

Noi lo seguiamo da qualche tempo, aiutandolo in qualunque modo ne sia possibile.


M. worked in Gaza City, a youth and humanitarian activist psychologist educational guide a social researcher, shock therapy for children, providing humanitarian assistance, trainer in the treatment of mind and body, trainer in play therapy, awareness sessions, working with battered women support for youth groups, training of University graduates, provide psychological support to all groups in Gaza City. Meeting with solidarity activists and foreign activists in Gaza City to spread the reality of what is happening in the city of Gaza from persecution and racism and the lack of life and siege and wars through social networking sites.

Where he has been active in youth and social work since he was studying University in 2004.

His home was bombed in 2008, after 2007 there was a split in Gaza City In Gaza City, young people are being prosecuted by the security services of the Hamas movement in Gaza City where she was subjected to imprisonment and beating more than once Hamas, has taken control of civil society institutions and activists.

And to prevent youth gatherings M. of the people who did not give in to reality and prosecution and prisons He continued with these works.

Despite repeated pursuits in 2015 a group of Italian activists tried to help M. out of the City of Gaza because of wars and persecution and exposure to racism and muzzle mouths and storming his own home. He brought him admission to the University to study his masters in Italy and accepted the Institute of Language and paid his University fees and brought his hosting of the church in Palermo and progress in the request through the director of the Italian Cultural Exchange Center in Gaza Miri.

Now he was unable to get the visa and accept the rejection three times because of his inability to reach the Italian consulate in Jerusalem to meet as a result of the occupation, which prevents freedom of movement for Palestinians and travel between Gaza and Jerusalem. M. and a group of activists launched a youth movement against division, and demands public rights and personal freedoms and non-discrimination.

But he was quickly imprisoned and a group of activists in 2016 another movement emerged where activists only became active through social networking sites and spreading the truth of what is happening in Gaza of racism persecution, muffling mouths. Lack of life Claiming civil rights Where Hamas security services have prevented any activity on the ground Until it came to the prosecution activists through social networking sites where M. was subjected to imprisonment and torture He then managed to hide and escape from the city of Gaza.

He was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a new journey of death and the search for life through migration, where M. was imprisoned in Greece and Turkey more than 18 times across the land border. His sources are his phone, his clothes and his food. And forced return under gun and strike to Turkey and was subjected to arrest and prosecution by smuggling gangs in Turkey Until he managed to gain the independence of death boats and reach Greece through the death boats. But began to suffer new where he was subjected to intensive investigations by border guards as well And imprisonment And beatings by Greek intelligence officers. He became very exhausted. He filed a complaint against him at the UN headquarters But the response was that we could do nothing for you before the Greek police and the Greek army then M. managed to escape to Sweden through a smuggler. Now M. passing in a state of health and psychological very difficult. He suffers from very serious symptoms and undergoes extensive tests in Sweden so far, the cause is unknown where mental disorders have become and lack of spatial perception and forget fulness abdominal pain, and never sleep at all red eyes and body color changes to red, and is still subject to intensive tests and so far unknown reason.





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