Condanna per la violenta repressione nella Striscia di Gaza


Riceviamo dal nostro amico M.A.I. un grido d’aiuto per ciò che sta accadendo nella Striscia di Gaza, ovvero la forte e violenta repressione da parte di Hamas. Ed oggi, è arrivata la condanna da parte dell’inviato delle Nazioni Unite per la Pace in Medio Oriente, Nickolay Mladenov, per la violenta repressione del movimento islamista di Hamas sulle proteste pacifiche nella Striscia di Gaza.

M.A.I. ci scrive: “We must stand with the people. The reality of repression and persecution by the Hamas movement in Gaza must be revealed. All of us who fled from Gaza Our family and our people are being threatened in Gaza because of our repression of what is happening there. We will not surrender to them. We will expose them to the world. Youth mobility continues People want their life wants to live. Not hell by the occupation and Hamas together.

We are a group of young people and activists who have been suppressed and persecuted in Gaza in the past because of the demand for rights and freedoms and the end of the division and other matters of life and against taxes and others. A large part of us managed to escape to Egypt, Greece, Belgium and Sweden. Now we are starting a new movement. We must live. We are uncovering the reality of what is happening in Gaza. Hamas is suppressing the movement, raiding homes in Gaza and arresting young people. Beating and torture them. And preventing the press from publishing. And the prosecution and arrest of jurists and other things”.


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